Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Little about my personal Beliefs

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

Due to an unexpected trip to the mountains with no internet, my blogging was suspended..after having posted only 1 blog. But I had a great time at the trip, so it kind of evens out.

Simply put, this blog will be dedicated to sharing my personal belief on spirituality and life in general.
Let me establish a few things here. I do not consider myself a part of any established religion (aka Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.), nor do I ever force my beliefs down anyone's throat. I do not condemn nor disrespect any religion, and am very open to criticism. If anything, I respect those with firm personal beliefs of any kind. Having said that, I hope you all will enjoy a quick read of my mind every once in a while!

First off, I am a believer in reincarnation and karma. Not in the sense that if you do wrong, you get reborn as a rabbit or anything. Just that we all are individual souls here on Earth, in human bodies, to live and learn. Whenever the topic of reincarnation comes up, two predominant questions seem to always rise: What was I in my past life? What will I be in the future?
The answer is simple: look at yourself now.

This world is not exactly the most fair; some are born into rich families, some are born into poverty. Some are lucky, some are not. Such things used to bother me and eat me from the inside out at times, but not so much anymore. Did I simply lose faith in humanity? No. Do I shut them all out? No.
Karma can be a bitch. At the same time, Karma can be wonderful.

Look at yourself now. Were you born in to a rich family? Into poverty, perhaps? Has life thrown you many difficulties, or have you cruised along without much worries? Are you exceptionally lucky? And so on. I'm talking big picture about your life so far. If you evaluate your life, as I have, then you begin to grasp an idea of your Karma bank from your previous life; If your life is relatively easy, in terms of comparison to the rest of the world population, then you have saved up some good Karma..if otherwise, you did not.

How will your next life be? Again, look at yourself now. Do you uphold a strong sense of morality? How do you treat others? Are you a kind person, or could you care less about anyone else but yourself? Same thing here; how you live your life now affects your next one.

That is why I am at peace with how this world is. Even if one is born into a rich family, if one lives
like a high-nosed bastard pig, then he/she is in for a rough ride in the next life. Same applies to the other extreme of the spectrum; one is born into poverty, yet lives as a good man/woman - much to look forward to. 

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